Flash Clocks are 30 rays each and come fully hosted on our secure server.  Instructions for ordering are at the bottom of each page above the contact button.  Also, please note we test the flash clock carefully as not to generate lag or cause problems and it must be hosted on our server for reliability reasons.  Also, check this website and our showroom from time to time as we add new clocks.    ORDER NOW


Gecko Audio Visual can make you a fully customized clock for your zaby or VWW property.  We design analog, digital, flip, 3d flip, numeric and countdown clocks.  Any color or style and can add logos and text.  You simply explain in detail the type of clock you want and we will do a demo.  From there we refine the clock until it meets your needs (1 demo and 3 revisions maximum). Custom Flash Clocks are 50 to 100 rays each (depending on complexity).   ORDER NOW



Click the "Contact Gecko AVP" button below.  This will open a profile email in Utherverse. For stock clocks, provide the Product ID for the clock(s) you want and pay the specified rays to Gecko_AV_PROD.  We will respond with link to your clock and instructions for installing the clock "In World". For "Custom Clocks", send the profile email and provide a full description of what you want, and DO NOT send any rays.

Flash Clocks


Custom Flash Clocks