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Love is Love ~ Pride Music

The "Pride Factory" offers links to purchase real pride items as well as virtual world clothing for your avatar.  We open this area up for virtual world designers to showcase their "Pride" clothing.  If you are a designer and would like your pride items showcased, please click the "VPC Profile" link below and send us a note with details on your offerings.

Enter the VPC right off of Castro Street.  There you will be emersed in LGBT support resources and great information on pride events around the world.  During LGBT Pride Month we display live pride videos here.  Amazing historical presentations and virtual "Pride" businesses are showcased.  If you have any suggestions for our VPC, please click the "VPC Profile" link below and send us a note with your suggestions.

Check out the VPC profile on    VPC Profile


The Virtual Pride Center (VPC) is unique and the only resource site in Utherverse dedicated to the LGBT community.  The VPC provides resources, education and support for the LGBT virtual community.  Visit "Virtual Castro Street" and the LGBT resources in the "Virtual Pride Center".  Click the VISIT sign to port there now ------------- >

Virtual Pride Center






Many know of the "Stonewall Riots" in Greenwich Village, NY as the place where the fight for LGBT Rights began.  On the West Coast, the "Castro District" in San Francisco, Ca. is arguably the cornerstone of LGBT Liberation in the U.S.  Visit our virtual "Castro Street". There is roof top dancing, shops, and the famed "Castro Theatre".  Watch "The Castro Documentary" and learn just how important this area was and still is to LGBT rights in the U.S. and abroad.

Show your pride by renting a door on Castro Street for your business or just for yourself.  A very small monthly rental fee of 5 rays (about .38 cents a month) is all you pay.  This helps support the VPC so that we can offer more resources to the LGBT Community in Utherverse. "Absolutely Everybody" can do it !