Welcome to my virtual world consumer page.  With "Gecko AVP", you can purchase audio visual services and both stock and custom flash for your zaby or club in the virtual world. Your purchases come fully hosted by "Gecko AVP" on a secure server. I provide easy to follow instructions for installing your purchases.  Just click the buttons below to see more !

Windows 10: Can't see flash using MS Edge? You need to enable it. See instructions here:   FLASH

To purchase any product or service on this site or in my virtual world showroom, this is all you do:


  • Pay the listed rays to the Red Light Center / Utherverse Profile "Gecko_AV_PROD"

  • Send a profile email to "Gecko_AV_PROD" with the following information:

    • Product Name

    • Product ID#

Your payment will be verified and within 24 hours your hosting purchase will be sent to you with full instructions for installing to your profile, with directions on how to prop the item in the virtual world (to your zaby or VWW property).  All custom creation purchases are final.  Prize winners click the "PRIZE" sign for important details.

For more selections, visit our store in the Virtual World Web (VWW).  Just click the GAVP (STUDIO) signs anywhere on this website. See how all the flash looks installed in our demo rooms.

Disclaimer:  All customized flash products are created by me to your specifications.  The non-customized products on this site or in my showroom were either created be me or open sourced (acquired by me for free, or purchased by me with license to reuse/sell). Any transaction with "Gecko AV PROD" is in the form of rays ONLY and you are paying for acquisition and hosting. This simply means you are purchasing a licensed "Link" for the product to use in the virtual world.  All transactions are referred to as a "Hosting Purchase".