We invite you to participate in our 3rd Annual "Pride Banner Contes".  It is fun to do and easy.  You are encouraged to try and use our theme in your banner, but we are a diverse society so any pride theme can be represented in your banner.   Drawings will be held on June 25th:

  • Saturday, June 25th, Virtual Pride is "VWW of the Day"

  • Saturday, June 25th, our wrap up event "Block Party Carnivale". 

To submit your banner, simply click the button below (instructions are provided on the submission form):

Submission deadline is June 18th !

We hope participation is driven mainly out of PRIDE, but we know prizes are important.  Below are the prizes for the top 4 banner submissions:

1st Prize    200 Rays plus VPC Package

2nd Prize     75 Rays plus VPC Package

3rd Prize      50 Rays plus VPC Package

4th Prize      25 Rays plus VPC Package


* VPC package is a Zaby layout, Flash item, 30 day BEN 3d Pass and

an outfit from one of our prize sponsors (300 ray value).

"STAND Together - United - Proud" is our theme for 2016.   It recognizes the intersectionality of identities within our very diverse virtual community and the call for solidarity and support in both the RL World and the Virtual World.

Check out the RLC-LGBT Cooperative Calendar for all the great Pride events in JUne:

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