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Welcome you to the Virtual LGBTQ World featuring the Virtual Pride Center (VPC).  The Virtual LGBTQ World is the only place in the Virtual World Web (VWW) that connects the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual/Transgendered, and Queer/Questioning community.    The featured property in the VLGBTQ World is the Virtual Pride Center (VPS). The VPC provides LGBTQ resources, education and support for the LGBTQ virtual community. 

To visit the LGBTQ Virtual World, just click the "Visit Inside" sign:

Enter the Virtual Pride Center.  There you will be immersed in LGBTQ support resources and great information on pride events around the world.  During LGBTQ Pride Month we display live pride videos there.  Amazing historical presentations and virtual "Pride" businesses are showcased.  If you have any suggestions for our VPC, please click the "Virtual_Pride" link below and send us a note with your suggestions.

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Love is Love ~ Pride Music

Since 2016 the Virtual LGBTQ World and Boxers Entertainment has sponsored events with proceeds benefiting "The Trevor Project".  It is a sucide crisis outreach for LGBTQ youth and does amazing work. Click the button above to learn more.

Check out "Virtual PRIDE SQUARE".  There you will find doors to some great LGBTQ businesses and the Virtual PRIDE Center.  The "Virtual Pride Center" offers links to LGBTQ resources as well as PRIDE event information.  There are special Featured and Tribute exhibits and lots of information.   Join us every Friday night for the "RAINBOW CONNECTIONS Street Party".

Check out the VPC profile on    Virtual Pride

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